The Section Computational Science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam aims to be a worldwide key player in the school of thought on computational science in research and education. The section seeks to discover, through modelling and simulating, the way distributed information is being processed in complex information systems. The group focuses theory, applications and problem solving environments. It addresses issues of how physical and biological problems can be formulated in this framework and how they can be mapped onto distributed computer architectures and grid systems. The applicability of this approach is validated through the development of high-performance, distributed problem solving environments for asynchronous natural processes stemming from Biomedicine. The group is proactive with respect to e-Science virtual laboratories. Its work has strong theoretical foundations together with tight couplings to bio-medical applications. The UvA (A.G. Hoekstra) has an extensive experience in (the management of) EU Framework projects, including HPCNET, CrossGrid, ACGT, Morphex, COAST, ViroLab, QosCosGrid, and MeDDiCa, among others.

Contact person and project leader:
Alfons G. Hoekstra

Project administration:
Alma Erenstein