The Computer Science Department at the University of Geneva is a multidisciplinary oriented research team. It promotes a conceptual and theoretical approach but has a strong commitment to real life applications. Prof B. Chopard is the head of the Scientific and Parallel Computation group He is internationally recognized for his work and that of his research team in Cellular Automata modelling. He is co-author of textbook on this topic (B. Chopard and M. Droz, Cellular Automata Modelling of Physical System, Cambridge University Press, 1998; translated in Chinese by Tsinghua University Press; French translation in preparation for Belin). B. Chopard is also actively involved in the International ACRI conference (Cellular Automata for Research and Industry) as well as in the DSFD committee (Discrete Simulation Fluid Dynamics) and in the multi-scale multi- science successful workshop in the Int. Conf. in Computational Science (ICCS). R For more than 15 years, B Chopard's group has been developing new models and simulations of many complex systems , ranging from physical problems to environmental sciences, to economical, social systems and bio-medical applications. Cellular automata and related techniques, such as lattice gases and lattice Boltzmann method are central to the research work and have been developed both as new methodologies for scientific and engineering problem and for solving challenging applications. Other important research activities of the group are bioinformatics and parallel computing.

Contact person:
Bastien Chopard