The Centre for Computational Science (CCS) at University College London (UCL) is concerned with many aspects of theoretical and computational science, from chemistry and physics to materials, life sciences and informatics. Our different computational techniques span time and length-scales from the macro-, through the meso- and to the nano- and micro scales. Through leadership of the RealityGrid e-Science project and and other EU FP6 & FP7 projects, we have made it our mission to grid-enable of high performance computing (HPC) and computational steering, and infrastructure, methods and algorithms to tackle emergent challenges at the computer science, life science and physical sciences interfaces. We aim to contribute to the global effort in grid computing through innovative research contributions at the scientific and technical levels, including software engineering and computer science, and dissemination at the principal forums. We also seek to disseminate computational steering and grid computing capabilities as widely as possible both independently and through support for an already existing and extensive set of related projects at UK, European and international level. CCS researchers have been major users of the TeraGrid, DEISA and UK NGS infrastructures and have worked with those projects to develop novel access policies.

Contact person:
Derek Groen