The MAPPER software stack seeks to deploy a set of services to facilitate the execution of multiscale scientific applications, that is single applications composed of multiple different single scale models, with each model usually executed by a different application code.

This section provides a review of software components that support multiscale simulations and some tutorials for users of MAPPER to include these software components in their simulations.

A poster-style overview is available from here.


Fast Track vs Deep Track

The MAPPER software components are further categorised into fast and deep tracks (shown in the table below), where the fast track components constitute the minimally effective infrastructure requred by the MAPPER project in order to execute basic multiscale applications, and the deep track components represent the full system infrastructure, required to execute all application scenarios.

The MAPPER project is organized in such a way to initially deploy the fast track components so an initial infrastructure is available, then subsequently to adapt and deploy the deep track components.

Fast Track vs Deep Trck