Multiscale Applications on European e-Infrastructures

Today scientists and engineers are commonly faced with the challenge of modelling, predicting and controlling multiscale systems which cross scientific disciplines and where several processes acting at different scales coexist and interact. Such multidisciplinary multiscale models, when simulated in three dimensions, require large scale or even extreme scale computing capabilities. Progress in science and technology is limited by our ability to solve efficiently such problems on available distributed computing infrastructures. The MAPPER project will respond to this critical need by developing computational strategies, software and services for distributed multiscale simulations across disciplines, exploiting existing and evolving European e-Infrastructure. Driven by seven challenging applications from five representative scientific domains (fusion, clinical decision making, systems biology, nano science, engineering), MAPPER will deploy a computational science environment for distributed multiscale computing on and across European e-infrastructures. By taking advantage of existing software and services, as delivered by EU and national projects, MAPPER will result in high quality components for today's e-Infrastructures. We will advance the state-of-the-art in high performance computing on European e-Infrastructures by enabling distributed execution of multiscale models. We will develop tools, software and services that allow two modes (loosely - and tightly coupled) of multiscale computing, in a user friendly and transparent way. We will integrate our applications into the MAPPER environment, and we will demonstrate their enhanced capabilities by answering one challenging scientific question related to each application. We plan to collaborate with other projects on adaptation of successful MAPPER methodologies, and will work with resource providers to develop policies facilitating the new multiscale computing paradigms.

The MAPPER Factsheet is available from here.


Call for Papers for the 10th International Workshop on Modeling and Computing Multiscale Systems

The modeling and computation of multiphysics and multiscale systems constitutes a grand challenge in computational science, and is widely applied in fields such as astrophysics, chemical engineering, plasma physics, materials science, biomedical science, and aerospace and automotive engineering. Most of the real-life systems encompass interactions within and between a wide range of physical phenomena, each of which may operate on different time and length scales. They require the development of sophisticated numerical models and computational techniques to accurately simulate the diversity and complexity of multiscale and multiphysics problems, and to effectively capture the wide range of relevant physical phenomena within these simulations.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for multiscale application modelers, framework developers and experts from the distributed infrastructure communities to identify and discuss challenges in, and possible solutions for, modeling multiscale systems, as well as their execution on distributed e-infrastructures. This MCMS workshop is a successor of the successful SMMS series of workshops on Simulations of Multiphysics Multiscale Systems organized by the same chairs over the last 10 years. It has been merged with the workshop on Distributed Multiscale Computing (DMC2011).

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to): modeling of multiphysics and/or multiscale systems; multiphysics and/or multiscale modeling of biological or biomedical systems; novel approaches to combine different models and scales in one problem solution; challenging applications in industry and academia; advanced numerical methods for solving multiphysics multiscale problems; environments and frameworks for simulation of multiscale models; cloud-based support for multiscale computing; e-infrastructure for distributed multiscale computing (computing, storage, networking); dedicated services required for distributed multiscale computing

Papers of up to 10 pages, written in English, should be submitted by December 31, 2012.

The conference will be held from June 5 to 7, 2013, in Barcelona, Spain.

For more information see the Call for Papers.

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