Chalmers Tekniska Högskola is a University of Technology in which research and teaching are conducted on a broad front within technology, natural science and architecture. CTHA was founded in 1829 as a result of a donation from the director of the Swedish East India Company, William Chalmers. Currently, the total number of students is 10600 and it employs 2245 persons, of whom 1500 are teachers and research staff. Chalmers' sixteen departments provide a very broad and strong research environment, with access to significant shared resources such as Chalmers Center for Computational Science and Engineering (C3SE). Extensive research collaboration takes place in research centres or in regional, national and international research programmes such as NorduGrid/ARC, NDGF, EGEE, LCG and Baltic Grid and the SWEGrid test bed on the computational side and in Fusion through the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. Chalmers is a partner in the Swedish Fusion Association, participating in the European Fusion Development Agreement activities promoting Fusion as a viable energy alternative for the future. Chalmers has a particularly strong fusion theory program and is providing leading contributions to Core transport theory and modelling, MHD instabilities and Resistive wall modes as well as fast particle physics.

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