Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza (AGH) is one of the leading academic computer research institutions in Poland. The research unit of the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH, together with Institute of Computer Science AGH, devotes its efforts to scalable distributed systems, cross-domain computations in loosely coupled environments, knowledge management and support for life sciences. The team took part in a series of successful scientific projects, including CrossGrid (interactive middleware for scientific computations on Grid; coordination of the project), K-WfGrid (ontological modelling of scientific or crisis team workflows, semantic composition, monitoring and execution of workflows), Int.eu.grid (adaptation of infrastructure to e-Science applications), ViroLab (providing a modern virtual laboratory for HIV-related research and treatment in Europe) and GREDIA (secure while easy to adopt collaborative scenario enactment environment for business: media and banking). CYFRONET has successfully participated in the CoreGRID Network of Excellence project in the work package devoted to tools and environments.

Expertise relevant to MAPPER objectives includes virtual laboratory for e-Science, e-Science applications, collaborative applications design, realization and management, in-silico experiment provenance tracking, storing and querying, scalable, distributed middleware development and maintenance, semantics-enriched tools for e-Science, ontological modelling for e-Science experiment workflows. For more information visit:

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